Phone: 98 48 81 14 • E-Mail: farmfun@farmfun.dk

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Phone: 98 48 81 14

You can always make a booking at Farm Fun - Fun for the entire family


We are open in the Eastern holidays!

Fra Skærtorsdag til påskesøndag kl. 11-15 ( begge dage inklusive)

Kom og vær med til at fodre vaskebjørnene kl. 14.00

Many of the animals are still in the stable, but can still be pet and fed. Some mooncars and other playtoys will be availble. 

Kiosken er IKKE åben...

Eastern price kr. 50,- pr. person. Under 2 years old is free of charge

See You in the Eastern holiday!


Phone: 98 48 81 14

Mail: farmfun@farmfun.dk


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